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Men’s treadwears you need to know in 2021

While the pandemic has put a pause on a lot of things, few specifics have managed to work out somehow and have evolved, though the fashion world was on pause when compared to 2 years back. However, There’s a common misconception that religiously adhering to trends equates to good dressing. In our humble opinion, this is not the case. Blindly following each and every seasonal trend is a recipe for poor style. Not to mention an easy way to bankrupt yourself.

Here few trends that are meant to stay throughout the year maybe more than that.

1: Florals

A return to the 1970s has been one of the overarching trends of the last five years, and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2021. For the spring/summer season this is your only choice if you want to play little bold.

Everyone from Tom Ford to Burberry has been at it, splashing bold florals onto shorts vacation shirts and tailoring amongst others. But we’d suggest keeping it to one statement piece per outfit and, as always, ensuring the rest of your look is nice and muted.

2: Relaxed tailoring

As we move further into the 2020s, breezy silhouettes will continue to eclipse slim, form-fitting cuts. It’s a resurgence of the styles popular in the 1980s and 1990s that has been on the up for some time now and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can look great when executed well.

It’s time you visit your local tailor for the relax look you once disliked.

3: Vertical Stripes

The reasons for embracing the vertical stripe trend are twofold: firstly, it looks great and presents a simple, refined way to experiment with prints; secondly, it has the nice added bonus of shaving a few pounds off your appearance, making you appear taller and slimmer.

4: Mid-wash denim

Dark or raw denim is a bonafide menswear staple. But when the weather turns hot, it ceases to be practical.

Luckily, this season there is a solution to the problem. It’s a few shades lighter, it’s casual and it goes with almost everything. Mid-wash denim was everywhere in the menswear collections and this time it looks as though it could be here to stay.

5: Camp collar shirt

Remember the Show “two and a half men” ? Charlie Sheen? Yes, you guessed it right, that is the shirt were talking about.  This breezy summer option offers a stylish way around that. Camp collar shirts have been big for several years now, meaning you can rest assured they have some longevity in them and aren’t just a fleeting fad.

The flat, lapel-style collar adds a touch of something different to what might otherwise be a bland outfit, creating a subtle focal point to tie a look together. Perfect when worn with tailored swim shorts for a light lunch at a beachside restaurant.


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