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Xulfi's tribute to Junaid Jamshed will definitely make you cry !
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Xulfi’s tribute to Junaid Jamshed will definitely make you cry !

Junaid Jamshed’s sad demise along with 47 other passengers of the ill-fated PIA flight has shook the entire country. People still cannot get over the fact that the pop singer turned evangelist is no longer with us.

Celebrities, Stars, Singers, Religious scholars and ordinary citizens; everybody is paying JJ the best tribute they can. However, Xulfi has outdone all with his heartfelt homage to one of the most respected personalities of Pakistan.

Xufli posted a video on Facebook with his signature style and music in an emotional way; dedicating it to Junaid Jamshed. He also posted an over-whelming caption along with the video, reading:

“This wasn’t easy. And I haven’t done anything like this before. But my heart weeps for Junaid Jamshed, his family and 47 other souls that left our world. JJ’s voice and his music have been a part of my evolution and my decision to be a musician. If today we still see music from our country surprising us with its uniqueness and beauty, it’s because of the moments it has had in the past with music greats like Junaid Jamshed. He lives in us. And he’ll always live in our music. Thank you Sir for the music.

“A tribute from Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan; your fan forever.”

Here is the complete, heart-wrenching video;

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