How to fight breakouts this summer season

How to fight breakouts this summer season

By: Priyanka Sablani

Every summer we have this creeping thought of unhealthy skin. The hassle to take extra care of it and maintain it is crucial in this scorching heat.  Here are simple steps you could follow to achieve a healthy radiating glow without doing much.

  1. Be hydrated:

Drinking lots and lots of water will help your body get rid of all the toxins. It helps to keep your face fresh and clean.  Water is the best alternaive to all the expensive anti aging creams and treatments.

  1. Use safe non-toxic sunscreen:

The sun’s burning beams are strikingly effective so wearing a sun screen is essential. When choosing a sunscreen, an SPF of at least 30 is also good enough. Don’t be seduced by super-high SPF numbers because their cumulative sun protection diminishes as SPF increases.

  1. Change normal product routine:

Switching your usual product routine helps prevent those constant breakouts. Swapping your heavy moisturizer with a lighter one which is also oil free in summers is beneficial for combination skin.


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