Both the films are completely different – Mehreen Jabbar

Both the films are completely different - Mehreen Jabbar

Pakistan’s film industry is growing day by day, Thanks to Mehreen, 2016 has been the most amazing year so far for bringing back to back entertaining movies for the film goers.

With a hiatus of Mehreen Jabbar returns to television after a hiatus of over two years with two different telefilms.

“The two telefilms are produced by 7th Sky. One is written by Dr Muhammad Younis Butt and the other one by Muhammad Ahmed sahab. They’re both very different in nature.”

“The first one which I’m currently shooting stars Feroze Khan, Sana Javed, Shamim Hilali, Ali Ansari and Hashim Butt. Its fun, I wouldn’t call it a romantic comedy but it’s very entertaining. I haven’t done this kind of story before so I’m actually excited about this one.”

About the second telefilm, Jabbar says, “The second is more of a lighthearted family drama in which there are two older couples and a couple of youngsters.That is being shot right after this one.”

Jabbar expects success for these two projects and is excited to return to telefilms.


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