Find out how you’ll die according to your zodiac sign

Find out how you’ll die according to your zodiac sign

We all know that sooner or later we all are going to die. But at some point, we all really want to know how and when. Right?

So, we found out how you’re going to die according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Accident

You might die in an accident, whether it happens on a jet ski or motorcycle. Their death is bound to be a tour-de-force departure. Aries are known to live a crazy life, they don’t care about the outcome. As they lived, so they will die: enthusiastically and without caution.

Taurus: Death by over eating

All Taurus people love food. You might die of over eating in a party which was planned for you. Better be careful and stop yourself after the third course.

Gemini: Hands Bitten Off

Every sign in astrology has a ruling body part. For Gemini, it’s their hands. Geminis are very curious, express curiosity by touching things. If you take them on a date to the zoo, they’ll reach into the bars of the monkey house and get their hands ripped off. So think before going to any place where you can get your hands ripped off.

Cancer: Falling Of The Roof

Cancer, you are entirely too self-reliant. I know you truly believe that no one is as capable as you. Chances are, you might fall from a roof while doing a task you aren’t equipped to handle, like fixing a hole in your roof. Be careful.

Leo: Hair Stuck In Subway Doors

Leos are just really attractive and you know it. Beware of those good looks though; you’re more likely to die while taking a selfie while crossing an intersection right into the closing doors of a subway car. Ouch. That would hurt really bad.

Virgo: Death by shock

You are very emotional and take things very seriously, also stress a lot. Chances are you might die of some really shocking news. Now that you know, try to listen to every situation calmly.

Libra: Murder

Beware! Someone is really jealous of you and might plan to finish your life. Someone might be just not really happy with your presence around them. Try to open your eyes and don’t even trust your close friends. You never know who is planning to get rid of you.

Scorpio: Just Suicide

Scorpios are not strangers to death. In fact, death seems to follow them wherever they go, throughout their lives, whether it comes in the form of personal transformation, loss or near-death experiences. Its not that they are not happy with their lives, but you never know what situation comes next and finishing their lives might be the only choice they are left with.

Sagittarius: You’ll die while sleeping

You just love to sleep. That might be the reason of your death. Sleep less and work more. Chances are you might die while sleeping. One day you’ll go to bed and will never wake-up. So before going to bed try to fix all the bad things you did.

Capricorn: Death by seeing a ghost

You might die because of a ghost. As we all know they do exist and they might be the reason of your death. Seeing unnatural things suddenly might stop your heart and you’ll die of heart failure. Think twice before going to some shady place. Tip: Don’t go anywhere alone.

Aquarius: Alone

You are a loner and will die a loner. For now you think and prefer staying alone but this might not end up positively. So try to make friends and spend time with people rather than shutting everyone out.

Pisces: Death by drowning

You are fond of swimming and diving. You are adventurous and this one hobby of yours might take your life. Chances are you’ll die drowning in sea. Be careful while going to the beach or while going for scuba diving. Just stay away from water!

So what do you think? Well, none of this is actually going to happen. No one knows how they are going to die and what comes next in life. Just don’t think negatively. Enjoy your life to the fullest, achieve all your dreams. Welcome everything with open arms.


Yumna Tirmizi

The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and I love writing. Its not my work, its my passion. I did my Bachelors in Media Sciences from Iqra University.

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