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Workout boredom and how you can get rid of it

If you shudder at the thought of another boring treadmill session, give it up. Start looking for an activity you can enjoy doing like swimming, power walking, playing a sport, kickboxing, running with your dog etc. Do anything that makes you feel good and is enjoyable.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, de-stress, or adopt a healthy lifestyle, your workout should not be boring. it should be something that you enjoy and want to do more.

Here are few tips that will help you get rid of workout boredom.

1: Plan your workout

Planning your workout is important to ensure results if you don’t monitor your progress you won’t quantify the changes in your body and that will demotivate you. Hence making you bored and demotivated.

2: Stop Overdoing

Overdoing anything is bad. Allow yourself to take a break and relax your mind and muscle. Schedule regular breaks between your workout so that your body can recover; otherwise, exerting so much effort will bore you out.

3: Fuel your body right

Many people think that while working out, you need to eat less. well that is wrong, as a result eating less will ensure a low energy level. With low energy levels, you cannot work out properly. Many people mistake low energy levels for boredom. Eating a well-balanced diet boosts energy levels, and motivates you to exercise and look and feel good.

4: Get a personal trainer

A personal trainer can design a suitable workout program based on your fitness level, lifestyle habits and goals. He can be your greatest source of motivation, constantly looking into your fitness needs.

5: Workout with a friend

Buddying up keeps you motivated and provides ample opportunity to catch up on all the latest stuff.

6: Vary your workout

After six weeks of doing the same workout, your calorie burn decreases by 25 per cent. Vary your workouts to avoid reaching a plateau. For example, do crunches on a ball, push-ups from a bench, use a core board to condition your muscles. Doing a variety of exercises in different ways is fun and employs a wide range of muscles, enabling you to get the best possible results.

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