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Would you try water aerobics to lose weight?

Walking on that dusty treadmill always seems tedious and mundane. What if you can enjoy working out in a pool? Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Every session of water aerobics includes a warm-up set, cardio and strength training exercises to not only lose weight but also to build muscle. Ideally, this low impact pool workout gives immediate results if you remain consistent. Considering the weather, sweating in your gym clothes and coming home exhausted is now just an option as you can shift to water aerobics.

Recently, a lot of fitness enthusiasts are training individuals through aqua-aerobics as it builds strength and resistance. Generally people feel a certain pressure on their nerves when they work out using gym equipment however, the movement of water helps you relax as the natural pressure increases your range of motion. Water aerobics, also helps in eliminating joint pains which is an added bonus. Moreover, some other benefits of working out in water include reduced blood pressure, stress and anxiety. This is exactly why you need to try it out!

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