Five makeup hacks every girl must know!

Five makeup hacks every girl must know!

Here are our top 5 picks of makeup hacks which all girls must be aware of:

1. Add some moisturiser to your foundation

Add some moisturizer to your foundation if it’s getting oxidized, dark or even if the texture is getting dry. This will make the coverage more sheer and will act as a great tinted moisturiser.

2. Apply some oil into the makeup brushes before washing them 

To soften overworked, stiff brushes add some oil in them to make them soft. It’s easy to remove makeup from oily brushes.

3. Add vaseline to eye shadow to use as a lipstick

Add a bit of vaseline to a powdered eye shadow or blush to use it as a lipstick. You can also mix different shades to make new colours, you can customise your lip colour by using this technique.

4. Fix your clumpy Mascara by keeping it in hot water for 10 minutes 

If your mascara is dry and clumpy, place it in hot boiling water for 8-10 minutes in order to fix it and then re-use it.

5. Hold your eye pencil under flame to intensify its pigmentation
Hold your eye pencil under flame, let it cool down a few minutes. This will make the product more pigmented.

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