How to make your makeup last all day

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Do you want to make you makeup last all day long? Here are the steps you should follow:

Use a Primer

A primer is a base for face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. Different formulas are available in creams and gels. A primer seals pores and it doesn’t clog pores at all, so don’t worry if your skin is prone to clogged pores or acne.
It is one the most amazing creations in the makeup world. It makes application of products like foundation and concealer so easy.

Use Setting Powder

A Setting powder helps to ‘set’ or hold your makeup longer than it usually does. It absorbs the excess oil from your face and cancels out the shine and gives a matte finish to your face.

Use a Setting Spray

A setting spray is designed to lower the temperature of your makeup to help it stay put, while keeping your skin looking smooth, but never shiny. Spray a bit of it after you get done with your makeup to finish your look.

Use translucent powder to make your lipstick matte

Gently tap translucent powder over the top of your lipstick to make it matte and make it last.


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