Five things that prove your friends are toxic


The bond of friendship is just as important as any other bond between people, the company you keep is important because no matter how much one denies it the friends around have an influence on the kind of person you will become or are. So why have friends who are toxic. Here are the kinds of friends you shouldn’t keep.


  1. They suck the energy out of the room, there is drop in vitality when toxic people           enter a room, the longer you are in contact with such people the more drained you       feel.


2. They detest genuine optimism, being positive does not mean ignoring the ugliness            that life offers It just means understanding that things don’t have to remain the                same. Optimism is a great threat to negative people because  it challenges their              world view.


3. They are always sulking about, these friends tend to have a negative vibe about              them, they are always complaining and nothing is ever good enough for them. They          create problems where there are none.


4. They are fake and pretend to be something they are not. They will forget where they        come from,they pretend not to know things that matter just out of spite, they show          an immense amount of criticism to anything you would say or do.


5. They always see themselves as definitive realist. Words like ‘get real’or ‘i told you so’        are always on the edge of their lips and though at times it maybe warranted but a            toxic person derives a sense of unmistakable pleasure from uttering these words.


Nobody needs negativity in their lives, try to avoid these kind of people like the plague cause all they will do is create a toxic environment.




Uneeb Khan Yousufzai

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