Food habit is highly important for good health. If you want to become healthy you need to become aware of what you are eating. There are different types of foods available. You need to eat healthy food and need to avoid junk food. Before making a food schedule or menu, we need to take suggestions from the doctor.
Vegetables are a good option as food. We need to put lots of vegetables into our eating habits. To gain more energy we need to eat fish and meat too. But eating too much meat can store too much fat in our body. Fat is risky for our bodies.

It increases the chance of blood pressure and even people could do heart attack and stroke due to too much fat on the body. Including vegetables, fruits also have a huge amount of resources that help us to be healthy. Food habits can play a massive role in our regular life.

If our food is not good then we can fall sick. It is important for everyone to maintain a healthy food habit. Doctors suggest us to eat lots of fat-free food. Especially we need to stay away from junk food or fast food.

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