Safe streets are my right

Today whether it is a developed or developing countries, sexual harassment and sexual violence in public spaces are everyday incidents for women and girls around the globe. This problem has affected many communities and cities everywhere. This major problem can be the drawback of urbanization where women and girls go through different kinds of sexual violence in streets, in public transportation, schools, workplaces, public toilets, parks etc. from cat calling, unwanted touching, and rape.

I myself is one of the millions of women that fear for their safety when going out whether going for lunch, studying or shopping. I have been asked for my name and number by strangers, group of men on the street staring at me makes me feel scared and uncomfortable.

Women are always held responsible for such actions, they are asked to modify their dress when going out basically cover themselves. But why are women supposed to change their lifestyle or their behaviors for sex offenders?

Over the past few years women have been enthusiastically participating to improve women safety and increase their role in the decision-making process.  Men and women both can work together to combat rape culture by:

Avoid objectifying women,

Avoid offensive jokes,

Take it serious when someone says they are raped,

Avoid victim blaming,

And lastly hold abusers accountable for their actions.



Sara Isar

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