LIFE” has consistently been extremely furious and a battle for us all. As everything has its own advantages and tangles. We as a whole are not alright and not awesome.

I surmise our life could be a superior tune and a lovely encounter. Our life comprises of three phases. Similarly the main stage (1-12). It is called our adolescence. In this period our unique and exceptional propensities develops. We frequently learn dialects and considerably more things.

The other stage (Age 13-19). An exceptionally basic and urgent phase of our life. In this stage we regularly make a few botches. As in this stage the stupid young men and young ladies commits doltish errors. Young men needs to attempt to encounter “smoking”. They believes that the harmful exhaust will interests them and therefore they went gaga for drugs which in outcome harms their life. In this parody period they experience every one of the shades of their life. In this stage these animals either young ladies and young men arrangement issues. They never realize that in this stage they misfortune their confidence and pride for eternity. I darn on these sort of kinships. I presume “one ought generally doubt an individual aimlessly, don’t anticipate a single thing from anybody”.

Last yet not the most un-the last stage contains (Age 20-40 …..). Here development starts. In this stage we regularly becomes shrewd and we take astute choices. One would never become insightful till 40.

Perphaps we understand every one of our flaws and every one of our errors which we did ever in our life. We lament and we feel that those culpabilities turns into our beautiful recollections.

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