3FHM: Do you prefer traveling alone or with friends?
FA: I like travelling with everyone! My friends, my family, it really depends on the place we’re jetting off to.

FHM: Which bag do you prefer to anchor all the weight?
FA: I prefer Totes, so something which I can abuse because travel is hand cars and hand bags.

FHM: Any specific way you fold your clothes?
FA: I take four hours to pack and I pack very meticulously, folding though Michael Kors then as soon as I get somewhere, I take out all of my clothes and hang them in the closet. I match my shoes, bags and accessories.

FHM: Your favourite travel movie?
FA: I never have time when I’m home so I catch up on all my movies in the plane. I never watch trash, just movies with good reviews.

FHM: Favourite place you visited?
FA: Recently, Hayman Island in Australia took my breath away. We flew in a helicopter to land on it and it really is a state of art resort with natural beauty. But Maldives, New York and India!


FHM: Place you wish to visit?
FA: Cuba! Cuba! Cuba! A place I would love to visit as being an admirer of art & architecture. This place has always been on top in my list as I feel it will soon be not the same. Its stuck in time, love colours, cigars, beauties & cans!

FHM: Last place you visited?
FA: Australia.

FHM: Favourite airport in the world?
FA: Singapore Changi.

FHM: Favourite airline?
FA: Emirates.

FHM: What do you usually carry when you travel?
FA: Sunglasses, my make-up, books, clothes, shoe bag, sun tan oil, sun block, flip flops etc.

FHM: Bag must haves?
FA: Same as above.


FHM: Any crazy travel experience/memory?
FA: Scuba Diving with my kids at Great Barrier Reef in Australia and staying up all night in Capri Island, Italy.

FHM: What do you normally wear when you travel?
FA: Resort Clothing.

FHM: Name your top three destinations?
FA: Mexico, Ibiza and Maldives.

FHM: What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again? What about it is so alluring?
FA: NEW YORK! Its like me, it never sleeps.

FHM: Your favourite travel quote?
FA: “Travelling, It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn e Batuta

FHM: Your best piece of travel advice?
FA: Make the most of it by feeling it rather capturing it from devices. Go on a road trip, always travel with an easy companion.

FHM: Where to next?
FA: Cuba.


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