Perfect Product Alert: Bioderma Sensibio H20

Let’s talk about about a situation here – you go to an event all dolled up, you come back home tired and go to sleep without taking off your makeup. Do you know how harmful it is for your skin to sleep with makeup on? If you didn’t know there is an ultimate solution to remove makeup in no time, all thanks to Bioderma you are about to save your skin now.


Bioderma Sensibio H20 is a cleansing and make-up removing water that respects the fragility of sensitive skin. A hypoallergenic, alcohol free, paraben free and  fragrance-free solution works as wonder on skin. It has a very high tolerance, cleanses and removes makeup from face and eyes, soothes and clears up irritated skin and also takes out the makeup residues from the pores. Simply dab some solution in cotton and remove your makeup. The best part is that it works super fine on waterproof makeup as well.

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Not many girls knew about  this magical makeup remover until Bioderma Pakistan held a cozy bloggers meet up to educate how skin friendly is this product and how you can save your skin from getting damaged. My faith is getting a healthy and pretty is restored, thanks to Bioderma Pakistan.


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