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This girl takes an action against the guy who threatened to expose her nudes

This brave girl in India, Taruna Aswani, was threatened by a random guy who blackmailed her that he would expose the private photos and videos on social media; that she had reportedly sent to her boyfriend. Normally, girls who are being victimized by such blackmailing agrees to do whatever the person offers just so that their private information is not leaked.

But Taruna Aswani decided not to bow down to a cyber bully and took to the social media to spread the word about how a man who claims to know her is blackmailing her over emails and threatening to publicize her private videos.

This is what she shared on her Facebook ID:

I must say that this girl is really brave. Other girls who are facing such problems must take her example and stand for themselves, no matter what the circumstances are.

Instead of getting terrified, expose the person who is threatening you!

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