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The real story behind “naked woman running in Islamabad” revealed

Just few days ago, a naked woman was spotted running in Islamabad. This was not for the first time that such an incident occurred in the federal capital, but it caused an outrage among the masses.

But the real story behind the middle-age woman’s weird act has been revealed. According to the Inspector General of Police Islamabad, Tariq Masood Yaseen, the woman was mentally ill and had lost her control at the moment.

The IGP further revealed that the 34-year-old had come to Islamabad in order to apply for a visa to France on October 13, 2016.

“Then she had fits; got lost and went on the adjacent road leading to Murree. She got herself undressed and started chasing the cars, throwing plastic cones around, hitting the cars.”

Due to fits, she lost her composure and the people started capturing her pictures and videos without understanding the intensity of situation.

“How small (of them) that even after knowing her mental status, many (people) made her video clips and uploaded on social media.

“It was your police who did its best to cover her and even a (single) news did not go to the media, so that the family is not embarrassed. But I am sorry for all those who uploaded these images and have brought unimaginable insult to the concerned families. Shame on all of us who are sharing over and again.

“This can happen to anyone of us and any of our lady with mental disorder can go public and how it be then to us. Please stop sharing these clips and delete where ever received.

“Share this message with all; it may avoid further embarrassment to her family and friends.”

All that comes to my mind after getting to know about the real story of naked woman’s condition is; shame, self-pity, and outrage on our actions. Are we really this immoral that we are not even helping those who need it genuinely?

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