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Growing together.

Maturity in a relationship is not about hoping your partner is constantly happy and content. 

The ups and downs are a part of the natural process, what matters is giving each other the space to feel difficult and heavy emotions while continuing to pay attention to them and being an active part of their life as a support system. No relationship is perfect and it would be silly to expect that everything will always be rainbows and butterflies. The truth lies in how you manage to overcome and go through the hard phases together as one unit rather than letting tough situations create gaps and leave room for resentment. 

Being in a relationship and sharing a bond is not about fixing everything for each other, it is all about experiencing and enjoying beautiful moments together as well as overcoming tough battles together as a team. 

It is about loving each other through the changes and embracing each layer of your partner without judgement. 

Sometimes, your partner needs to go through their own battles and process them so that they can emerge lighter, calmer, tougher and freer than they ever were before. 

All you need to do is stand by them as they experience these shifts and assure them that they would not have to face any difficulty from your end. Infact, all they require is your support and one day they’ll be grateful and more understanding which may lead to a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling bond between you two. 

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