Foods to keep you warm & happy this winter

Pakistani  boasts of its diverse cultures and cuisines and winter food in Pakistan is no different. With the approaching winter season and increasing appetites, it’s time to prep-up and indulge yourself in deliciously warm delicacies, reserved especially for the cold season. Ditch calorie worries, just dig into the freshly prepared plates of food for winter.

Want to warm yourself up in the chilly weather? Here are a few of the best options for foodies in Pakistan:

The famous Gajar ka Halwa is the go-to dessert during the winter in every household. Gajar ka Halwa is a winter preparation due to the availability of the best carrot produce in this season, and it is definitely worth the wait throughout the year.

Winters might bring a lot of food cravings, but they also bring their own share of healthy snacks, especially dry fruits. Snacking is no longer a guilty pleasure when you have a pack of nuts and dried fruits with you to munch on. The prices of some of these dry fruits might be sky-high, though, depending on their market rates and demands, so it’s best to stock up on them before the season peaks.

Nihari is a dish cooked with beef, mutton or chicken and is a soup curry usually consumed for breakfast. This spicy winter food is prepared overnight and had with puris, makes for a hearty indulgent breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Chikki is a Pakistani nutritious bar of nuts and jaggery is a perfect crispy dessert. You can ditch your chocolates for this healthy sweet substitute.A chikki a day is sure to keep the winter chills away! 

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