Hadiqa Kiani believes age is just a number and has had it with trolls and their cruel comments!

Recently somebody commented on Hadiqa Kiani’s post saying, “Aunty, ab tumhari Allah Allah karne ki age hai“, after which Hadiqa responded on that comment through her insta stories and shows how angry she is!

She said: “Very unfortunate that the ageist hater comments always come from girls. I’ve blocked out her name because I don’t want anyone bullied but we have to do a better job raising our daughters to love themselves and other women.”

She added, “Heads up ladies, you’re all going to age, you’re all going to gain a few pounds or lose a few pounds, get a few wrinkles and despite your success and independence, society will try to judge you and tell you to conform to their standards. But at least as women, we can’t limit one another any longer.”

“The idea that you’re supposed to just die and get locked in a house after age 35 as a woman in this country needs to end. If Allah gives me the energy, strength and motivation to be this active when I’m 55, 65 or 75 and if I want to be this active, then I will,” she wrote.

And in the last she post this story which seems like advice for everyone! 


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