Handling rejections?

Its not easy to be perfect in everything specially when you talk about today’s fast world where everyone is running in a race not to win but to lose others. We in that situation needs to learn very well that how to handle rejection. Because its hard to win everytime.

Telling about my own life experience. I recently faced one of the big failure of life. I was doing well but due to some circumstances i failed.

The fact that I cleared all the stages and couldn’t make it past the final one just really made me question myself. But I realised instantly that I can’t change the situation, but I can change my attitude towards that situation. So I realised I’m never going to accept this right now but few years down the line, I’ll know how not getting this work done was good for me.

I somehow realised that being rejected is not about me being a failure but maybe its a furtune and was written for the fact that its all for the betterment and goodness.

Crying on the spilled milk is for no good reason. Rather than that making the situation better and learning from it is important. We need to learn this as well that nothing is impossible.

That was the first failure that came my way and taught me hundreds of lessons.

I learned to remain consistent in those tough situations that I felt was terrible and I passed them as well.

But now when I look back, it made me realise how glad I am that I did not get it.. because I got all those better opportunities i never imagined I could get but not right away instead two years later. I was consistent and accepted the failures. I also went to other places that I wouldn’t have if I had gotten selected.

The bottom line is, when you come across a situation you cannot change, change your attitude instead.


Aleena Salman

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