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Have you ever noticed facial spider veins?

All of us have been struggling to find fresh and healthy skin. Fine and smooth skin is what that gives you confidence. There are many people among us whose faces have been victims of spider veins. Doesn’t the name sound strange? Let’s find out about it.

Facial spider veins are very commonly observed, not necessarily in the old-aged people, but even in the people who are young. Facial spider veins also known as ‘broken capillaries’ are the enlarged blood vessels that are found just under the surface of the skin. They are so thin and delicate and makes a web-shaped structure due to which they are named as spider veins.

On closer inspection of the face, they are usually located around the nose or on cheeks and chin.

Besides the face, these veins are particularly found on the legs. They are the fine and thin veins that can be vividly seen. The red and purple coloured veins, smaller in size and are twisted or turned forming a web-like shape.

Doctors have pointed out many causes that include hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, and puberty, too much exposure to the UV rays of the sun, heredity, environmental pollutants that damage the skin and sometimes injuries that lead to broken blood vessels.

Rosacea is yet another cause of spider veins in which the enlarged veins make your skin flushed and red.

But how do we treat it? Do they disappear after a certain time period or require a proper treatment?

For this reason, there are many skin specialists that have come forward with a lot of treatments depending upon the severity of your case. The point to be noted here is, that these veins are not treated differently, they have the same cure whether they occur on face or on the legs.

Let us go through the types of treatments one by one.


Nowadays, laser therapy is the treatment of many diseases. At times, it is successful and many times it fails. In this case, there is no guarantee as the veins can reoccur and the process might need to be repeated.

This process is expensive and can cause damage to the skin as well.


This process uses a certain kind of detergent or a highly concentrated salt solution that is directly injected into the veins causing them to vanish away in a three to six week time.

It isn’t very painful. However, even if there are side effects or any discomfort, it resolves within a few days.


Creams are the simplest way to treat spider veins and particularly the first thing that all doctors prescribe. Retinoids are known for promoting epithelial cell growth. In addition, they help keep your skin healthy and glowing by reducing the visibility of facial veins and other scars.

Nevertheless, they might also cause allergic reactions and itching.


This surgical technique uses heat to burn the veins that cause pain. Basically, a catheter is pushed into the vein and is provided heat, as the heat (radiofrequency energy) goes into the veins they rupture giving you clear skin.


Prognosis is a cosmetic surgery that can produce 50 to 90% results. In prognosis, the person has to go through a series of treatments to come to the final outcome. Though the spider veins disappear after the treatment, the chances are that they might reappear.

Also, the procedure leaves discoloration on the affected area.


IPL penetrates down to the second layer of your skin, the dermis without harming the first layer (epidermis). IPL is known as the safest technique to fade away the spider veins. At the same time, it requires many treatments before the actual outcome. In addition to this, people having sensitive skin might get swelling or redness after the procedure but that remains for a short time.


Apart from all the medical treatments, there are a few things that every doctor recommend along with the medical cure. Those include regular exercise, taking care of your hygiene, avoiding hot water for washing face and above all, taking Vitamin C supplement.

Taking care of yourself beforehand will prevent the spider veins from occurring.

To sum up!

Not every treatment mentioned above will work for you. Sometimes they lead to results that are disappointing. First thing is to consult a physician and choose the most suitable treatment. Another thing that everyone must remember is, that prevention is the key to protect yourself from all such pains and problems.

Though there are many procedures to end up all these problems, at the same time they cause excessive discomfort and discolouration. And none of the treatments guarantee life-long results. To put it differently, they all provide temporary outcomes as the veins might return.

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