Here’s why you should wash eggs before refrigerating them

Here’s why you should wash eggs before refrigerating them

The very first thing you do coming back from grocery is to refrigerate your eggs. But have you ever thought to wash them before putting them into refrigerator? Obviously it is not necessary because you are not going to cook the outer shell. But what if I tell you that it is very necessary.

Yes you heard it right. It is necessary to wash eggs because when a hen lays eggs, they are stored in an open air and in an environment full of bacteria. And they are not even washed before sending to stores. Kim Severson, a food reporter for The Times has researched that we must wash eggs to control Salmonella (a potentially fatal bacteria that can cling to eggs).

The bacteria can be passed through the porous shell to the inside of the egg from material on the outside, though in rarer cases it can infect the ovaries of a chicken and infect the eggs from the inside. However, if you buy farm eggs chilled, it’s better to keep them chilled.

Keeping them into room temperature if you’re not going to cook them right away can cause condensation, which can damage the cuticle or encourage mildew. A refrigerated egg, no matter the source, will be good for four or five weeks. Unrefrigerated eggs are best used within a week, though they may be fine for two.


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