India Hijacked Twitter

Twitter recently unblocked accounts that had been blocked due to criticising the Indian government. The Indian government is now forcing Twitter to block these accounts again. Furthermore, the Modi establishment has pressurised Twitter to block any anti government content which they may find hostile or which may be directed to words Prime Minister Narendra Modi negatively. These accounts are mostly Pakistani twitter users. If Twitter fails to do so the government has warned them of the consequences, 7 years in prison for twitter employees. According to the Indian government twitter must make the platform manipulation laws clear instead of making them vague. As per these laws, any trend against modi government is platform manipulation but any trend in his favour is not. The real question here is that how can the Indian government interfere with twitters policies and why should they have any control over what Pakistani users are posting? This led to the hashtag #IndiaHijackedTwitter and is trending at number 1 in Pakistan at the moment. Below are some reactions of Pakistani twitter users.



Salman Masood

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