Indians once again lose their mind over Pakistan

Indian extremists once again lose their mind over Pakistan

Indian extremists once again got in the way of “peace” and “unison” they stand for. What a joke. Right? Just recently, another testament of Indian hatred towards Pakistan was proved through vandalism on an ad film set. The hooliganism was done because the set was being used to shoot for an advertisement, recreating Pakistan.

A Mumbai-based production house was shooting for a TV commercial for Volkswagen Polo in Chandni Chowk near City Palace, for which they had to put up Urdu sign boards. The signs boards were depicting Pakistan, reading: “Lahore Sweets,” “Welcome To Lahore,” and “Karachi Chai Wala”. Apart from these, there were various other sign boards with Urdu words written on them too.

Named as Darohar Bachao Samiti, 40 members of this outfit destroyed the banners and vandalized the set. One member of the extremist group stated the reason as hurting religious sentiments:

“They had permission but that does not mean they will put up banners above Anand Krishna Bihari temple and Brij Nidhi temple. It was not a short film or advertisement film. So, we talked to the crew members and asked them to discontinue the shooting.”

Well Indians really need to think where they are heading with their religion, nationality, or their hatred for Pakistan.


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