Here’s how Saba Qamar landed her first role in India!

Here's how Saba Qamar landed her first role in India!

Pakistani diva Saba Qamar is all set to debut in Bollywood opposite the supremely talented international actor Irrfan Khan in Hindi Medium. Saba’s Bollywood debut is based on a social issue paired with situational comedy, getting the message across in an extremely versatile way.

So, how did Ms. Qamar get lucky enough to star opposite such a great actor and that too across the border? Well, here is what the movie director Saket Chaudhary has to say!

“Once we cast Irrfan, we were looking for the female lead. It wasn’t like we jumped to Saba as a default option. We had considered other actresses here, but there were issues.” 

“We tried to think of whom we could cast and that’s when I saw Saba in a couple of Pakistani television shows. I knew she would fit the bill of a next-door Punjabi girl and decided to take her on board. The equation between the countries was much better back then.”

And Saba did not prove to be the wrong choice! According to various reports, she took special lessons to get into the shoes of a Delhi girl and a coach was present with her all the time. She even walked around the streets of Delhi to observe people, see their body language, attitude and behaviour.

Seems that India has got another Pakistani actress and her skills to brag out. As for us, we couldn’t be more proud!


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