Has Instagram changed the way we eat?

Do not touch the food! I’m taking a picture!

Has Instagram changed the way we eat? well, of course it has. i do not remember taking 15 pictures of the dessert i ordered, from every angle imaginable but in the digital age, we are all foodies trying to showcase what we consume.

Foodie used to be a label reserved exclusively for hipsters who were mocked for being too snobby, too picky and way too obsessed with what is on their plate but somewhere along the line we all became foodies and it became a social norm to take a photo of food right before you dig in.

There are over 180 million pictures on Instagram tagged #Food and million more tags like #Foodphotography. If you dare to check Instagram when hungry, you are going to be bombarded with tempting pictures of food which will make you want to find solace in a bag of chips as soon as possible. furthermore we started spending our days drooling over pictures of food on social media, anticipating the moment we get to eat and then whipping out our cellphones before we pick up our forks. the craze of Instagram has definitely revolutionized the way we eat.

Whether you like it or not, the obsession with food is here to stay. If you are on #TeamInstagram, kudos on the patience and may you always get perfct lighting when you have a gorgeous dish infront of you and if youre on #TeamJustLetMeEat, feel free to dig in to your own food but if you touchy my plate before i have a decent photo be preapred for the consequences.



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