Internet finds Game of Thrones’ character Khaleesi’s lookalike

Let’s be honest about it. Who doesn’t adore the character of Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones?

More so because of Emilia Clarke, whose beauty and the sensitivity with which she played the character made her one of the most favourite of all GoT cast.

Yesterday, we reported about a wax statue of the Khaleesi which didn’t look like her at all. But in this same world, there’s a woman who can turn herself into larger-than-life Mother of the Dragons with just a little make-up and handsewn clothes.

Meet Roberta ‘Rory’ Pattaro, a student from Italy, who sometimes seeks an escape from her regular life by transforming herself into the iconic silver-haired queen from ‘Game of Thrones’.

She recalls how it all started with one boy who was tyring to hit on her. “He told me I’d make for a perfect Daenerys Targaryen. At that time, I hadn’t even watched Game of Thrones”.

But then she finally tried for the first time to step into the realm of cosmetic Essos and found herself turned into Khaleesi with not much of an effort.

And the resemblance is so ‘stark’, that you have to look at Rory and Clarke’s pictures again and again before you can tell who is who.

“Because I had blonde hair, people would write ‘mother of dragons’ underneath my pictures. Eventually, I decided to watch the TV series. Now it is my favourite show and I decided to create my cosplay,” Rory told.

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