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Is Ed Sheeran Leaving Music Forever?

Our favorite heartthrob singer who has given us many songs that touched our hearts just announced that he is taking a break from music for 18 months.

Yes, he is not leaving but imagine, no Ed Sheeran for 18 months? Damn.

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The singer lately said that he has been on his Divide tour for two years now and on the last day he said

“There is something very bittersweet about it.”

He made a lot of memories over these two years on the stage. Made new friends. Fans.

The non-stop tour can take a toll on anyone and now Ed needs to rest for a while to come back to make more wonderful music. I mean, he performed 250 stages all around the world. That sounds tiring.

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An advice: Go listen to his song ‘i don’t care’ with Justin Beiber right now!

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