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Try these nuts for healthy skin

Nuts are healthy. It contains protein and fats and fiber. Other than satisfying your hunger pangs, they are great for skin. It contains vitamins and minerals. They help in making skin healthy and smooth and gives it a natural glow.

Here are some nuts for a better skin. 


Almonds are used around the world. People use it for desserts and snacks. They are said to be brain food. They help in alertness. But almonds contains protein and fiber. It also contains vitamin E which helps in keeping the skin hydrated and also helps in preventing skin problems like dark spots, eczema and acne. 

Brazil nuts 

Brazil nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids and they contain selenium, which helps in preventing acne and pimples. It also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and adding these nuts to your diet helps in making your skin fabulous. Brazil nut oil is good for healing damaged and dry skin as well. 


They are especially good for acne. It helps in hydrating skin and reduce inflammation. Cashews are rich in zinc which helps in cell growth and can improve damaged acne zones. Cashew oil is also good for skin.


Walnuts are quite bitter in taste but they are good for your skin. It contains nourishing fats which helps in treating dry skin. Although walnuts also helps in improving skin by reducing age lines. 


Pistachios boost good cholesterol as they contain healthy fats. They are also known to be good for weight control. They are filled with antioxidants which helps in decreasing acne growth because they control blood sugar levels. Pistachios work as an anti-aging which makes skin feel refreshed and younger. They are also very good for dry skin ad they are used in aromatherapy as well to prevent dryness. 

However, some nuts can be bad for sensitive skin. Everyone must use which suits them best. 

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