Famous Italian fashion house comes under fire for offensive “body shaming” remarks

Famous Italian fashion house comes under fire for offensive "body shaming" remarks

Famous Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana just can’t seem to keep itself out of controversies and negative limelight. This time again the luxury designer Stefano Gabanna has been targeted for misinterpreting and letting down people with a customized shoe belonging to his latest Fall/Winter collection.

According to the reports and as portrayed through the pictures, the shoes were designed while keeping teenagers in mind. They have scribbles and texts written all over them. So what caused all the outrage? The $973 sneakers have become the hottest topic of conversation because they have “I am Thin & Gorgeous” written over them.

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As per the comments that started flooding in soon after the image was uploaded on Instagram account:

“You don’t think it’s a little [irresponsible] to push a message of ‘thin and gorgeous?’ I hope this will be followed by a message of inclusion of all bodies?”

Another comment read:

“I really hope that you realize your impact in teens world and eating and health disorders that can appear from now on.”

There was some direct hinting too:

“Now I understand why all models who are ‘Thin and Gorgeous’ keep thinking that they are pretty. Youuu thin and gorgeous u better go and eat some junk food to feel better.”

However, nothing could affect Gabbana and his stereotypical thinking, as he disagreed with all the hatred that people had to give him:

“Darling, you prefer to be fat and full of cholesterol? I think u have a problem.”

That was just not it for the ace designer, he further went on to call people names as “idiot” and “stupid”. He also praised other commentators who came up front for the favour of his designs. Some of the comments which favoured “I am Thin & Gorgeous Idea” were:

I must say this one has got a point:

“Love them. Nobody is pushing fat people who say: I’m curvy and I like it or things about loving being fat. And that’s okay I’m not into hating people because of a physical feature and nowadays people have to realize that there are health issues behind being either too fat or too thin. So what I’m saying is that if one is thin and consider her or him self gorgeous because or despite of it that’s okay. Stop glorifying fat bodies just because they’re fat. Now going against a fat shaming culture has become a thin shaming culture. And neither of both are wrong as long as that condition don’t make the person unhealthy.”

Another one in favour of thin people:

‘Why is it always a bad thing when there something that empowerment thin females.”

Here comes yet another:

“I love these and I need them! I’m #ThinAndGorgeous.”

Well what people, Stefano Gabbana and world-known Italian Fashion House Dolce & Gabbana in general need to hear is that nobody is pointing at thin people here. The point that is being tried to made is that hinting at a specific bodily appearance and pitching it as a perfect sense can be hazardous for those who don’t set to the society’s perception and standards of beauty.


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