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It’s not “???????????? ????????????” but also ‘All ????????????????????.’ From 365 days to Sex life.

We understand it’s COVID-19 and people are bored at home. We understand that people cannot find any outdoor activity because it’s for their safety to stay at home. We also understand that watching movies after all this and in this pandemic is the best get away you can ever find and so you do.

We live in a country like Pakistan, where women can’t tolerate a single thing said against them, where the word ‘feminism’ is used to get away with literally anything and everything. Where we stand against rape cases, where we stand against anyone who’s doing injustice to a woman be it domestic violence or blackmailing.  This country where we live in, we; as women will never compromise for anything especially men and that also not because we don’t care or we are liberals but because ‘we are women, we have rights, we support feminism and also because why not.’

Oh.. I tell you we will also go to any extent if anybody tries to say anything against women even if we’re truly at fault be it our own Prime Minister also cause again, why not

…but keeping all that in mind, on the other hand let me tell you that the country we live in which is so far so perfect in our bubble always have the word ‘sex’ trending. We are the nation who loves to watch movies which involves intimate scenes and support nudity in one way or another. To prove this right, let me tell you we have 365 days, Sex Education and Sex Life trending in the top 10 on Netflix in Pakistan. This has exceeded to a level that today, even if somebody wants to get hold of your attention they first write the word ‘SEX’ and then continue with their talk because of course, who won’t read it along.

This is Pakistan? The Islamic Republic of Pakistan? We bring Islam when it comes to rights be it of men or women. We bring Islam when it comes to relationships or even friendships. We bring Islam into literally everything then why not this?

If we become hypocrites on the screen and do the same thing behind it, you are to be blamed so you know, it’s not all men rather it’s also all women. Hence, everyone.

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