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Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a flowering that originated from Southeast Asia, it is one of the most delicious spices. Confused right? Allow me to reintroduce ginger again. Ever had nihari, the thin slices you see in pale yellow colour used as a garnish, that is ginger as well. Unfortunately, most of us have limited ginger to nihari. if you study and research, they provide many health benefits.

Ginger has a long history of use in creating medicines, it helps treats nausea, indigestion and common flu. the bioactive compound found in ginger is gingerol which is essentially oil. Gingerol contains a high amount of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.

Ginger appears to be highly effective against nausea. It may help relieve nausea and vomiting for people undergoing certain types of surgery. Ginger may also help chemotherapy-related nausea, but larger human studies are needed However, it may be the most effective when it comes to pregnancy-related nausea, such as morning sickness. According to a review of 12 studies that included a total of 1,278 pregnant women, 1.1–1.5 grams of ginger can significantly reduce symptoms of nausea.

Ginger may play a role in weight loss, according to studies conducted in humans and animals. A review concluded that ginger supplementation significantly reduced body weight, the waist-hip ratio, and the hip ratio in people with overweight or obesity.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common health problem. It involves degeneration of the joints in the body, leading to symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness. Guess what? ginger can treat this too. A combination of topical ginger, mastic, cinnamon, and sesame oil can help reduce pain and stiffness in people with OA of the knee.

Ginger drastically helps in sugar levels and heart-related risk. Ginger has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and improve various heart disease risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes.



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