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Jennifer Aniston’s beauty and fitness routine.

My God we have all been obsessed with Jennifer aka RACHEL GREEN’S cut, color, eyes and everything. She evolved through out all the seasons and her year round TAN is to die for. Let’s dive right in and get to know her beauty and wellness routine.

The skin:

While it’s a rule of thumb that water and SPF makes you have healthy skin but as you grow older your skin starts to age as well. Jennifer Aniston loves face tools and treatments and she has a go-to face mask which is 111Skin. She also loves Jillian Dempsey’s 24-carat gold-plated Beauty Wand which not only depuffs the face but also helps sculpt. Collagen supplements are also a part of her daily routine and she believes in nourishing from within.

She loves using nano and pico electrical currents in her facial treatments as she believes it repairs and restores her skin. It makes her skin look plumper, healthier and luminous. She also uses ZIIP nanocurrent face tool at home and loves massaging her facial muscles.

The hair:

Two men have always been there in Jennifer’s life who she trusts with her hair. They are Michael Canale who is her colorist and then there is Chris Mc Millan. McMillan is the man who works on her hair. He cuts and styles her hair, it’s like magic! Canale on the other hand works on her color, she has honey-caramel, sunkissed hair color which people are CRAZY after.

The brows:

Like so many, Aniston too is the queen and well-known for her eyebrows. She loves to keep her arches in shape and check, she even gets mini facelifts.

The makeup:

The woman behind her luminous makeup is Angela Levin who is well known for her signature natural makeup glam. Her hand is too settled on Aniston’s face as well.

The body:

Like anyone else who is so toned, learn and fit even in her fifties it takes hardwork. The good news is that she loves to workout and states that a person gets this really beautiful post workout feeling. She takes good care of her body and loves to do boxing, yoga, cardio and a mixture of it all as well. She does this for atleast 20 minutes each day and has elliptical bikes and treadmill at home. Post workout she loves to jump in sauna.

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