Justin Bieber still calls Selena Gomez, reportedly concerned with her mental health!


Justin Bieber, who has just got married with Hailey Baldwin, still has space in his heart for Selena Gomez, according to the reports. Justin Bieber is said to be reaching out to his ex-girlfriend, extending their seemingly never-ending saga. His intentions, however, do not stem from romantic feelings but rather from concern.

Selena has recently completed a stint in rehab, which caused Justin to worry. He felt compelled to reach out to her to check on her mental state, despite being virtually inseparable with his new lover.

Reports turns out that Justin Bieber is still contacting Selena. It’s not as shady as it seems because he’s actually just really worried about her mental health after her breakdown, where she entered a rehab center. She’s now out and things are looking good. still really concerned for her.

While contacting ex-lovers might be a tricky situation for a married individual, the issue of drug addiction and mental health has been brought to light by many celebrities this year.

Hopefully, Selena has a good support system, whether it includes Bieber or not, to help her push through this rough time in her life.




Anooshey Punjwani

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