Karachi’s largest talent agency faces scandalous set-up in Lahore

Karachi's largest talent agency faces scandalous set-up in Lahore

Just last night, Fahad Hussain CEO Citrus Talent came about with an astonishing story that he experienced just recently. It is sad to see how people benefit from others just for the sake of money. Has money really begin to matter so much so that we don’t realize how the person, we are playing with, will suffer?Karachi's largest talent agency faces scandalous set-up in Lahore

According to Fahad, as his casting agency was flourishing here in Karachi, he thought to provide a similar platform to the people of Lahore, Punjab. On doing so, he was introduced to a so-called religious man who in-turn played Fahad with under the table deals and unfortunately ignored near to all registrations. However, as we all know Fahad, he trusted the man blindly thinking how a man with such religious belief would be a crook in disguise. To top it off, he was partnered with another hypocrite who joined hands with the so-called Mullah and played under the skin of Fahad without even letting him know.

Here’s Fahad’s story in his own words:

Later on in the day, with tremendous support in response to the unwanted and tragic experience, Fahad went live with his issue where family, friends and people across the internet showed their sympathy and said to support him in his truly developed “Citrus Talent” office in Lahore, now.

It is a shame to see how the world has come so far, but some people still haven’t seemed to get out of their crooked minds. I hope Fahad had named these horrid individuals and also went forward with legal proceedings for them to learn their lessons once and for all. Nonetheless, with Fahad and team professionally growing their work, we hope to see fresh talent rise from Lahore, giving deserving individuals a chance to step foot in the media industry and making a mark with their talent and spark.


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