Feel the blessings of Ramadan with #FillThePlate

Feel the blessings of Ramadan with #FillThePlate

As we come to celebrate one of the most blessed months of Islam, Ramadan, every individual rushes in the urge to do something worthy and help those in need. Fortunately, there are many such campaigns that come and go this month for the better good of the humanity at large. In this tremendous cause, Adamjee Life has come about uplifting the faith in humanity with their #FillThePlate campaign. They initiated #FillThePlate with the belief to get rid of starvation and provide food to those in need.

#FillThePlate has given us a chance to participate and play a role in helping the less fortunate and those whom we see in dire need. In this noble cause, former cricketer and celebrity Wasim Akram has brought that uplift to the Adamjee Life campaign by becoming an exclusive part of it, which has not only helped in demolishing issues caused by the aftermath of poverty, but also showcased that basic nourishment can go a long way in helping children for a better and brighter future of Pakistan.

So, be a part of this cause for which all you have to do is Tweet/Post #FillThePlate and help combat hunger together with Adamjee Life. The moment you post a Tweet/Status on social media with the hashtag #FillThePlate, you will provide a meal to a person in need and that too without moving a muscle.

Feel the blessings of Ramadan with #FillThePlate

To acknowledge of their generous drive, Adamjee Life is arranging its Iftar meals in Edhi Homes and Saylani across Pakistan. Moreover, they have also placed road side Iftar camps, while one will see Adamjee Life vans distributing Iftar to those in need on the streets of Pakistan. Adamjee Life has confirmed to continue this effort and reviving cause throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

In this lively quest of feeding the needy, many celebrities from all walks of life have participated and highlighted the cause with great urge for a healthy and rising Pakistan.So, it’s about time we think of those 22% population, living below the poverty line, starving and looking for a hand to help and feed them at least twice a day.

We praise and highly appreciate Adamjee Life in this venture and thank them gratefully for this act of kindness that has not only brought smiles to one’s face but also raises hopes amongst the needy for a better, brighter & healthier Pakistan. So, play your role and become a part of this generous cause by simply posting #FillThePlate as much as you can on your social media profiles.For further details and information of this activity, you can visit the official social media pages of Adamjee Life to check out what’s happening under this hashtag trend.


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