Katrina’s Shocking Reaction On Ranbir’s Confession About Their Breakup

Ranbir previously opened up about his breakup with Katrina in an interview, where he said that Katrina is one of the most inspirational entity in his life and that he has high regards for her even today, he further said “I have not even said that I have broken up. Because, I don’t find the need to say that. It is too dear to me and I don’t want to talk about it.”

This video went viral on social media and soon when Katrina came to know about his statements, her first reaction was an instant laugh. She seemed totally indifferent towards the whole episode for she not only turned deaf ear to what Ranbir had to say but quickly also got back to her routine and continued with her dance rehearsals for Dream Team Tour. Clearly, it looks like Katrina has moved far ahead in life and has no time to invest in a failed relationship.

But not to forget Ranbir also added in his interview stating, “Working with Katrina is fun, she’s very passionate about her work. There’s no awkwardness, and I hope we can keep working together even in the future.”

Well I don’t think so that Katrina is ever going to work with Ranbir, her cold reply gives us the clear image that she has moved on.


Yumna Tirmizi

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