Lame Break up lines guys use all the time that are totally relatable!!

Some guys just don’t have the guts or the creativity to come up with a decent way to break up with a girl thus they always come up with these lame lines to break up with you.

1. There isn’t anything wrong with you, it’s me.

kool muzone

What kind of a lame line is that? If there is nothing wrong with me, why are you dumping me? This has to be the lamest way of breaking up with someone.

2. You are just too good for me.

you're just too good for me

One of the easiest ways a guy pays a girl a compliment but dumps her in the same breath. Add in a couple of tears. and the girl crumbles.

3. I don’t think my Abu and Ammi will like you or agree to this relationship.

mom and dad won't agree

Maybe you should have thought of that before you asked her out.

4. My mom will die if I don’t marry my  Khaalah’s daughter.

my mom wants my to marry my cousin
review it

Like didn’t you know this before you started dating?

5. I have to study and then find a job, don’t waste your life waiting for me.

i have to study find a job , don't waste your life
Melon Style

You didn’t think about all that before, so why all of a sudden?

6. Whoever you marry will be the luckiest guy in the world.

tum se jo bhi shadi kerey ga vo bauht lucky hoga
Drama online

Well, don’t you want to be that lucky guy????

7. Ignoring the girl

ignoring the girl
meow dakota123

The most childish break is when the guy takes the silent route, ignores phones and SMS and avoids going to places where you might be.

8. You are just so much more mature than I am. I can’t handle such a mature person

too mature for me
allk pop

When a guy isn’t ready for a serious relationship, he just wants to party and date numerous girls to keep him busy.

9. You’ve changed, I can’t be in this relationship anymore.

you've changed i can't be in this relationship anymore

Usually happens when a guy gets caught for lying or cheating, its an easy way out for him as though he was the one being treated badly. Go figure!

10. I think it is better we stay as friends rather than be girlfriend and boyfriend.

friends again

It’s like test driving a car you didn’t like. You can’t go back to being friends! Like, come on!

11. I love you, but I’m not in love with you

i love you but i'm not in love with you
review it

Not even sure what this riddle means, other than that it’s over.


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