Here is the length of the world’s longest cat & it will definitely shock you

Omar, a Maine Coon, has been all over the social media for being the longest cat in the world, measuring 120cm from nose to tail, according to his owner.

Ms Hirst, the owner of Omar from Croydon, created an Instagram account for Omar two weeks ago, and his popularity just reached its peak after his photo was featured on the Cats of Instagram account, which has 8 million followers.

Ms Hirst, was then contacted by Guinness World Records, who said Omar could be the longest cat in the world.

“At first I thought ‘is this real?,” she said. But after confirmation, she said she would now send Omar’s measurements in for further verification.

The current world’s longest cat is UK-based Ludo, also a maine coon, which measured in at 118.33cm long in October 2015.

Ms Hirst said she recently measured Omar and he is about 120cm.

“We thought he might be (the longest cat in the world) but we hadn’t done anything about it because he might not be fully grown yet,” she said.

Ms Hirst and partner Rowan Lawrence got Omar when he was a kitten. “Rowan always wanted a big cat,” she said. “(Omar) was tiny when we got him but then he just started growing and was 10kg at one year old,” she said.


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