Leonardo DiCaprio being eyed as next joker?

Leonardo DiCaprio being eyed as next joker?

Entertainment company Warner Brothers is reportedly trying to bring Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio into the upcoming Joker origin movie.

The studio is eyeing DiCaprio to play The Joker in the movie that will explore the origin story of the Batman super villain.

Scott Silver will join Todd Phillips, best known for his The Hangover franchise, as a co-writer for the film. Rumour has it; the story will explore the reasons behind the Joker becoming a criminal mastermind.

Sources state the movie will take us back to the 80s, revolving around a young bullied version of the notorious character. It may involve gritty crime drama rather than the comic book style scenes.

However, according to online theories, the story might continue with another movie that will delve into the mad love between the psychopathic clown and his former psychiatrist Harley Quinn that ends up with their breakup.

The untitled Joker and Harley Quinn project is speculated to pave a way for Harley Quinn’s solo outing with Gotham City sirens.



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