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McDonald’s always sharing happiness!

There are times when you feel alone and seems like no one is there to help but that is the moment when you realize and experience that only your loved ones will be there, supporting you like always. They will make sure that your day goes amazing and nothing comes in between what you wish for, like your happiness.

McDonalds recently launched their new TVC with Mansha Pasha and her supposedly daughter that has her birthday coming up and she’s been celebrating it at McDonalds all her life but due to all the recent events like the COVID-19 and restaurants being closed in this lock down, it is not possible for her to have her party at the same venue no more. However, her mother as she could not see her sad or disheartened wanted to make her day the best and manage being there for her and to see a smile on her daughter’s face so, she requested the employees at McDonalds to wish her when she comes next. Expectations at risk and low esteem, they both were surprised at how all the employees made her daughter’s day the best and arranged a small musical event with lots of wishes and little Zara could not stop smiling.

Like always, a mother did what she could just to see a smile on her daughters face and McDonalds since they have been sharing happiness with everyone ever since also managed to bring the smile a mother needed, proving that they are always there.

The message of this advertisement was highly emotional yet positive, can’t wait to look forward for more TVCs like these!

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