Let’s Breakdown the New Pepsi Track, Sohna Tu!

Not too long ago, the internet was graced with a 40-second teaser that set all of us, at the edge of our seats. 

We asked ourselves “Is Pepsi about to release a THIRD Why Not Meri Jaan?”
Well, the answer is yes AND no.

If you’re confused, you won’t be for much longer because we’re about to ‘deep-sea dive’ into a very thorough breakdown of Pepsi’s latest track, Sohna Tu. (See what we did there?)

Sohna Tu kicks off with a meet-cute situation between two eccentric individuals who have an entire conversation without even saying a word – the power of DANCE! Yup, you heard us. Through a series of very adorable dance moves, we see these two characters jam it out while singer HYDR Mustehsanserenades us in the background with his electric vocals.

Then we follow these characters into the street where just before the hook of the song, they are joined by a massive horde of elaborately dressed dancers who express their styles through their crafty dance moves.  With such effortless and almost liquid dance movements, we couldn’t decide where to look. But we did decide that we want this song played at ALL of our weddings and parties. We can’t guarantee that our dance moves will be as good but we’re going to jam to this song nonetheless. 

Enter rapper Rozeo – who unsurprisingly, is also a great dancer. Wherever these artists are being trained to be triple threats, sign us up! As Rozeo delivers impeccable line after line, the choreography transitions from modern hip-hip to a more contemporary style of dance, almost ballet-like. This coupled well with the futuristic editing style of the music video and our eyes and ears were blessed, to say the least.

But it doesn’t end there! Truly, Sohna Tu is the gift that keeps on giving because, towards the end of the song, the graceful and ever-talented Aima Baig shows off her radiant looks and seamless vocals. Her verse was truly the ‘cherry on top’ for this song!

We’ve lost track of how many times we hit the replay button on Youtube but can you blame us? If Sohna Tu hasn’t made it to your playlists yet then what are you waiting for? Stream it and catch the amazing music video out everywhere nowbecause #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan.

***Music Video Link https://youtu.be/OoSq7Kj3pT8 ***

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