Mawra Hocane has a big surprise for fans & she’s more excited than y’all

Mawra Hocane has a big surprise for fans & she's more excited than y'all

Mawra Hocane is living her dreams in just a short span of time that she has launched her career in. The ace-actress marked her joy with going across the border for ‘Sanam Teri Qasam,’ and even made noise with it too. But, she has a really ‘big announcement’ for her fans and she is more excited than any of us could be. What’s in your bag Mawra?

In a series of tweet, little Ms Hocane has been building up the excitement for her fans a bit too much. We are literally munching on our nails.

The first teaser of what exciting lies ahead:

Some more excitement…

She is LITERALLY over the moon!

Boy, Oh boy! She’s beautiful.

Mawra has some mystery hiding under her sleeve, and she is all set to intrigue her fans before she could be vocal about it. Whether it’s her dream coming true in Bollywood or Pakistani entertainment industry is going to see a big hit, that remains to be seen.

However, our sixth sense is strictly pointing towards some Ranbir Kapoor action. Could that be true? Mawra, we seriously want answers!


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