Scandal Queen Meera reveals her favourite leader & the answer is shocking

Scandal Queen Meera reveals her favourite leader & the answer is shocking

Meera never fails to stay out of limelight, the controversy queen loves to give her two cents on whatever topic is trending. Because why not? Is there any other way she could remain in the news? This time, in the midst of all the Panama drama, she has revealed her favourite political leader and the answer might shock you.

While talking to the media on Lux Style Awards Red Carpet, the actress revealed that Nawaz Sharif has done a lot for the development of Pakistan alongside being a good leader in a whole. Not just that, but the diplomatic Meera also appreciated Imran Khan and all the lives that he has saved through his cancer hospital Shaukat Khanum.

Meera stated:

“Nawaz Sharif should stay as PM because he thinks good for the country. Imran Khan is also a fine leader.”

She also criticized Karachi government by stating that Shahbaz Sharif has revamped Lahore, while Karachi still suffers from heaps of garbage.

Adorned in golden gown, the actress surprisingly stated that she has a desire to open an off shore company.

Nawaz Sharif being Meera’s favourite leader is as shocking as it could be, because it was the same Meera who concluded that she will continue supporting Imran Khan no matter what, in 2013’s election.



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