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Hum special projects team

HUM TV has earned quite a name and recognition through various projects over the years. There is no doubt that HUM is best among the best when it comes to entertainment, be it; Drama, Films and reality shows. However, very few of us acknowledge the efforts and tiring work put in for special events that the channel introduces from time to time, and the credit definitely goes to “HUM special events team” for pulling off all the events with sheer perfection.

Among the many successful projects that HUM has brought about in the world of entertainment and fashion include; Fashion Weeks, Bridal Couture Week, HUM Style awards and now their new venture Showcase. You all must know about the extremely popular events that we have discussed here, however Showcase might be a novel name for you.

Showcase is the amalgamation of known designers and pioneers of fashion from around the world. Not just Pakistan, but the event will highlight work of some of the ace designers modeled by acclaimed models globally. This event is going to be one of its kind in world fashion and we must congratulate HUM special projects team for bringing an idea that could change the fashion scene in Pakistan.

Hum special projects team

Bringing their efforts into mainstream, we had a conversation with the team behind these special events; Khalid Soorty – VP Special Projects & Events, Saher Saad Yusoof – Senior Manager SP & Events, Basharat Mustafa – Manager Operations, Saba Quadri – Associate Manager SP & Events, Jamal Khan – Producer/ Director, Suraiyah Quli – Producer/ Designer Relationship Manager, Junaid Atre – Producer, Tayyaba Shalwani – Associate Producer, Asif Iqbal – Associate Producer and Samra Khan – Line Producer.

While talking about their role in organizing events the team told us,

Our primary role is to come up with new and exciting concepts for various brands, which tie in with their target audience and at the same time packaging it in a way which attracts our television viewers as well. We also execute premier large scale on-ground events ranging from fashion weeks to award shows and television shows etc.

“Each team member is assigned a particular task ranging from idea generation, show design, content generation logistics and operations to final execution; followed by post production and packaging for broadcast. We also work with the best available talent per project depending upon the scope of the project and identifying the best person for the task. Basically it is a six phase process dealing with pre-production as per client’s requirements, designing the show, budgeting, production, executing the event and Post production along with editing and packaging.”

Hum special projects team

While commenting on the organized distribution and handling of work, “there is a hierarchy in place with a head of department, CEO and president. However the team works in a very democratic and autonomous fashion and employees are empowered to come up with ideas and are given the requisite freedom to execute once the objective has been clearly defined and agreed upon. It’s all about instilling the team with confidence. Given the fact that this team is very closely knit and has been together for a while, the functionality is that of a well-oiled machine therefore efficiency is optimum.”

Apart from fashion and award shows, HUM special events team also handles Miss Veet Pakistan and is currently busy with Tonight with HSY – a late night celebrity talk show.

HUM special events team stays behind the curtains, however it is this work force that has managed to organize some of the greatest events in the history of Pakistan. Thus they deserve salutation and applause in all possible ways.


Aun Muhammad

I firmly believe that there's no shortcut to success. Working for an organization like this has helped me gain the kind of experience which takes a lot of time to grasp. Every day is a new day with new learning experience. I love what I do and I feel proud to be who I am now.

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