Mother gives weed to son dying of cancer & he miraculously survived

Mother gives weed to son dying of cancer & he miraculously survived

Cancer is one of those diseases which hardly gets cured. Whenever a person knows about this disease, he or she loses all the hope of living, but this story will definitely give you hope.

Deryn Blackwell, who is a 10-year-old boy, was suffering from an aggressive form of leukemia and doctors had lost all hope of recovery. In order to relieve his pain, his mother Callie Blackwell, decided to give him some weed. Amazingly, after taking the drug, he was fully recovered!

This is definitely a miracle!

After the official channels rejected to acquire cannabis-based painkillers, Callie bought weed from a dealer and prepared the medicines at home with instructions she found online. She said, “I thought: ‘what have I got to lose? He’s dying anyway’. The effects of it blew my mind. It wasn’t what I expected.”

This was an incredible risk, but it did work out for the best. However, cancer experts seem doubtful about accepting Deryn’s recovery as proof that cannabis is a magical cure for cancer.

“Because it’s just one person’s story, without a doctor analyzing all the clinical evidence and comparing him to somebody that didn’t get cannabis, we still don’t know for certain it was the cannabis that helped him.”

It’s wonderful news that Deryn was cured entirely of his deadly disease. However, we cannot jump to conclusions that using weed may cure all forms of cancer.


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