The Perfect Men’s Skincare Routine


If you ask a man what his skin care routine is, you’d likely find out that washing their face with any kind of cheap soap is suffice. We as men literally see nothing wrong in washing our face with the same soap we use for our showers. Most of us don’t even care to use soap and are completely happy with just a rinse of water. At first it seemed crazy that girls use thousands of products in their daily skin routine. I mean why go through the pain of applying product after product every single day when you can just wash your face with soap? The second problem is that toxic masculinity deprives us of any form of self-care as if it would make us less of a man. From a tender age, we are brain washed with the idea that men have to be rigid, dirty, and absolutely reckless. I mean now that I think of it, it makes no sense. How can paying attention to yourself, taking care of yourself, and being particular about your skincare routine make you feminine? If you’ve been asking yourself the same question or are suffering from toxic masculinity, this is the perfect blog for you.


Initially when I started found out about skincare, I felt so dumb for not realizing earlier how important it is for the health of our skin. I mean after all women are pretty smart and we can always learn a thing or two from them. Upon starting my research nothing made sense. It was like an alien concept which had to be deciphered. Cleansers? Toners? Moisturizers? And Masks? The only masks I knew of were the ones super heroes wear to hide their identity… Turn out all of these products are super important and can make a huge difference in how our skin looks and feels. Throw away all your cheap soaps and get ready for the men’s guide to the perfect skincare routine!



Men's Skincare Routine

Being in harsh conditions all day can cause dirt to build up on your skin causing it to secrete excess oils. This is where a cleanser comes in. Cleansing can leave your skin refreshed and clear if the right type of cleanser is used. Isn’t that a bit confusing? Now there are types of cleansers? Let me break it down for you. If your skin is looking tired and dull, you need an energizing cleanser which will leave your skin clear and glowing. If you have a dry skin type, a cream cleanser would be the perfect option to hydrate your skin. For those of you who have sensitive skin, a foam cleanser will clean your skin without irritating it. Lastly if you’ve got oily skin, a skin clearing cleanser will control your oil deposits and get rid of all those blemishes leaving your skiing fresh.



Men's Skincare Routine

The next step in our skin care routine is toning. Our skin has a natural PH balance which needs to be maintained in order for it to be healthy. This is where the toner steps in. Toning can even out open pores and balance out the appearance of your skin. Once again there are specialized toners for your specific skin type. If you’ve got uneven complexion, a mattifying toner would be the best option for you as it would balance out your skin tone. Men with dry skin can use a hydrating toner to combat the dryness. Lastly for oily skin, an oil balancing toner works best to maintain just the right amount of essential oils on your skin.



Men's Skincare Routine

The third step of our skincare routine will be moisturizing. This is one of the most important steps. Moisturizing plays a vital role in the maintenance of your skin health and protects it from skin problems like acne and breakouts. Its use is mandatory for all skin types, not just people with dry skin. Furthermore, it helps your skin stay young and wrinkle free.


Face Masks

Men's Skincare Routine

The last step of our skincare routine is face masks. Just to make things clear I’m not talking about the ones that save you from the virus. Although masks don’t have to be part of your daily routine, but applying one every now and then can be super beneficial. Masks can reach down into your pores much deeper than cleansers to draw out the excess oil and impurities that are built up inside them. Masks can be used from a weekly to monthly basis and can leave you skin super healthy and refreshed.



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