Millie bobby brown gets under fire for her skincare routine!!


Recently the teen sensation shared her night-care routine in a now deleted video, it suddenly took everyone’s attention.

Two-minute clip, Millie bobby brown demonstrates a face mist, a scrub, a face-wash, a moisturizer, and lip oil, claiming to have washed off her face between at least two of the steps. But, as some detectives pointed out, that she appears to retain her eye makeup throughout, leading some to believe she was just pretending to use the products, and rubbing her dry hands all over her face.


Twitter got into a frenzy with users commenting on her clip:

“The mist is the only thing she actually used, This girl basically just spent two minutes rubbing her face with her bare hands.”
“I am so confused… all these people in the comments are praising her but she literally didn’t apply anything, If she was actually applying something then all her makeup would be smudging and coming off.”
“Wow, a magic invisible product that we couldn’t even see being applied, Millie is such a great actress.”

Many users started comparing her with Kylie Jenner’s YouTube tutorial, during which she wipes the foundation off her face with a towel instead of actually washing it off her face with the product.

Millie took the responsibility and addressed on her Instagram:


Her makeup line is available for sale now and it is suppose to redefine beauty as per her statement “redefine beauty with a Gen Z-focused line founded on the belief that true beauty comes from loving and embracing yourself,”.




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