Social media vs reality

Nowadays, everyone is alive with two lives, one in the real world and the other on social media. Maintaining both the lives and balancing them has now become really different. As everyone has created certain standards and people who can’t afford to maintain those standards have become complex. It is very expensive and pricey to live a lavish life. People pretend to be those who they are not. And when they fail in posing, the depression comes their way.

Social media has now a very firm control over our real lives. This made our life fancy and uncomfortable but unfortunately, we are unaware of that. We are not able to differentiate between the social glamour and the reality that we are surrounded by.

People today, are left for nothing but to show off only. Most of us are not even realizing that we are losing what we have in real. Social media taught us to act cool but also, we be unable to remember to recognize our reality. Many of us are such bad addicts that we post every little thing on social media.

Although social media was made just for sharing fun moments only has now created a serious impact on every human’s life because most of us are acting fake most of the time. We should keep in mind that rather than showing the false you, show the real you. We are all a part of a race of who shows off better. We must always keep in mind that evil eyes are always around us and when we are posting, not many people are happy. So, we need to glance at things that are usually hidden.


Aleena Salman

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